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Battery Powered Backup for your Computer

Power loss can happen to a computer for any number of reasons.  Inclement weather, wiring faults, or someone just carelessly tripping over a cable.  If this occurs during business hours, you can lose important data, hours of work or damge your components. 

If you depend on remote access from home or other places of business, you understand the importance of keeping your essential devices and computers up and running reliably.  A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) not only conditions the flow of power to your devices to prevent damage from surges or brown-outs, but contains a backup battery inside that can keep you working for valuable minutes to hours during an outage while you safeguard your work and information. 


Buy 3 UPS's for $75

At $25 each, this saves you $105 off our cost of $180. We will install them free of charge as a way of introducing you to our business.
  • We are a local IT business here in Durham since 1985.  We are using this offer to introduce us to you.
  • There is no obligation. Whether you find you like our approach for IT work or not, you will still get a great deal on battery powered backup for your computer.


You already have UPS's?  The UPS is only as good as its battery.  Batteries in a UPS generally last from 2-3 years before they stop maintaining a useful charge (not unlike your car battery).  We can check them out for you.
Call us today for more information, or send us an email at either of the addresses below.  We hope you have a great year and I look forward to speaking with you in person.
Dan Cummins